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Look at the homepage of each of our brands and you will see one thing in common – photos of people using bikes in their daily lives. Riding in their regular clothes. Hauling their groceries, their gear, or a small passenger or two.

We work with these particular brands because they achieve the perfect mix of transportation and sport. We want e-bikes that are utilitarian but not boring. We want well-designed bicycles that can take us across town or hundreds of miles down the road.

A man riding an R&M Load4 75 cargo bike with two kids in the front
the words Riese and Müller in black on white backkground
The Best German Car

We are an R&M Experience Store, which means that we have every model available for test ride and we have most models in stock. We have deep knowledge of this brand!

These are bikes that are meant to be ridden. Big tours, daily errands, and everything in between. The quality of construction and choice of components is unmatched in the industry.

This is an e-bike company like no other. They began thirty years ago as a team of two friends with a brilliant design: a full-suspension folding bike called the Birdy that is still in production today. They were early adopters of e-bike technology, and have been refining a few core models over the last ten years while slowly adding new models. Each model is a unique design, built for a specific purpose.

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two people standing next to their Benno e-bikes on a dirt road. They are fishing
the word Benno in white text on black background
The Etility Bike

This company strives to make e-bikes that are the perfect blend of looks, ride, and ultility. Benno calls them etility bikes, and they are simple and strong and fun to ride. It is incredibly rare to find workhorse bikes that look and ride this good!

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two women walking with Gazelle Ultimate e-bikes.
The word Gazelle in blue
Great Ride And Value

Gazelle has been manufacturing bikes in the Netherlands for over 100 years. They make high-quality, no-frills bikes that are comfortable to ride and agile on the road. Their Medeo models offer great value, and their Ultimate models are spec'd with the latest-greatest.

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