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Who We Are

We are bicycle enthusiasts who fell in love with e-bikes. We ride them daily and see their potential to become real transportation for millions of Americans. We are particularly interested in growing e-bike ridership in the PNW. Join us on one of our shop rides! We can teach you the best routes around the city and into the sticks.

What We Sell

Our idea of a great e-bike is one that gives the rider a real deal bicycling experience. It should ride just like a bicycle with a bit of magic power. You should be able to pedal for miles without having to hassle with the “e” part of the bike.

We specialize in transportation e-bikes. These are bikes with safety, comfort, and utility features that allow you to use them day or night in almost any weather. We only sell bikes with quality components and well-sealed electronics that will handle years of Seattle rain and muck.

Where To Find Us

We’re in Seattle’s Central District, near the intersection of South Jackson Street and 18th Ave South. We chose our location because it has plenty of space to showcase our beautiful bikes and it offers a great test ride course, including some impressive hills if you want 'em.

Our front doors face 18th Avenue South, which is a Seattle Greenway. This means that there are traffic calming features like speed bumps as well as improved road crossings that make it more bikeable. South of the shop there are a mix of quiet streets and big hills to climb. The steepest climb is Dearborn Street between 18th and Hiawatha. It's four blocks south of the shop, and it's the best place to test our bikes to the max.


It’s best if you visit us and test ride our bikes before you purchase. A bike is very much like a pair of shoes: it has to fit your body and it has to fit your vibe. Otherwise you won’t ride it.

Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll build you a fresh bike out of the box. We keep a lot of bikes in stock, and most customers pick up their new bike within a week of ordering. For the most popular models, we keep a few pre-built bikes on hand.

If you can’t make it to our shop, we can still help you get the perfect e-bike. We’ve designed our website to resemble the experience of visiting our shop in person. Take a look at what we have in stock from each brand. Instead of test riding, add every bike that interests you to your wishlist. Send us your wishlist when you’re done browsing and that’ll start our conversation. We’ll get right back to you via email or phone with questions and our recommendations.

What’s Included With A Bike Purchase

We want to help you establish a good maintenance routine, so we include two complimentary Comprehensive Services with the purchase of all new ebikes. The first should be scheduled after 300 miles. The second should be scheduled after 1250 miles OR one year from purchase. You can read more about our Comprehensive Service and book appointments in the Service section of our website.

As of November 2023, we are also including one year of complimentary roadside assistance through Good Earth Club. This is good for up to two roadside pickups.


We ship e-bikes within the continental US for $500. We ship to Alaska and Hawaii at additional cost. We do not charge sales tax on bikes shipped out-of-state.

Bikes are fully assembled and vigorously test ridden before shipment. We pack them carefully in large boxes and ship them to your door via LTL freight. Your bike will roll right out of the box. All you'll have to do is align the handlebars and you're ready to ride.

We do not ship to out-of-state addresses within 100 miles of another dealer. Please support your local dealer. We need more independent bike shops in this country, particularly e-bike shops that sell high quality products.


We offer a Dandelion Bikes credit card through Synchrony Bank. It can be used for purchases at Dandelion over $1000. Each purchase is a "promotional" purchase. The promotion that we are currently offering is twelve-month deferred interest. If you pay your balance to zero within twelve months of the purchase date, you will not pay any interest. Minimum monthly payments are required. Here's where it can get dangerous -- if you don't pay the entire balance within twelve months, the interest rate jumps to 29% and is assessed from the purchase date. So it can get very expensive very quickly. A $3000 bike could become a $3900 bike overnight.

This financing offer is a great way for customers to get their dream bike by spreading out the cost over twelve months. It comes with some risk if you're not paying attention. We have looked far and wide for finacing that holds less risk AND a low interest rate, but we have yet to find one.

Return Policy

Bikes: Store credit within 14 days of purchase and less that 100 miles ridden. Or, a refund minus a restocking fee within 14 days of purchase and less than 100 miles ridden. The restocking fee is 5% up to 49 miles, 10% for 50-99 miles.

Custom-Ordered Bikes: No returns or exchanges.

Accessories And Small Parts: Full refund within 14 days of purchase. Must be "like new" shape.


Most renters and homeowners insurance policies do not cover e-bikes. We recommend working with McClain Insurance in Edmonds. Their e-bike policy includes coverage for damage and theft, medical coverage for you, liability coverage in case you hurt someone or damage their property, and under-insured motorist coverage. Premiums start at an average of $250 a year.

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