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Winter Sale Part 1: New Bikes

overstock and previous-year models at excellent prices

Riese & Müller Delite GT Rohloff HS ebike, parked next to Lake Washington in Seattle
Riese & Müller Delite GT Rohloff HS w/ Fox upgrade.

It’s that time of the year when we offer deals on overstock bikes and bikes that are no longer in production. Everything on this year’s list is exceptional! And now that we’re offering financing, you might find a sweet bike at a great price and be able to spread out the cost over twelve months. See our recent financing post for details. All ebikes listed here are outfitted with current-generation Bosch hardware. You’ll have support for any of these ebikes for at least a decade.

Riese & Müller Charger3 and Charger3 Mixte

Ebike. Riese & Müller Charger3 Mixte GT Rohloff HS in color Sunrise
Charger3 Mixte GT Rohloff HS in color Sunrise

These were top sellers in 2022. In the touring / commuting category, there is no better choice than a Charger: powerful, comfortable, and ready for all weather conditions. Eats up paved and dirt roads. A rear rack with a 60lb capacity. Solid on the road and easy to control, even when heavily loaded. Throw some bags on one of these bikes, and let’s go on an adventure!

We are discounting Vario models by $500, and Rolhoff models by $800. See list of available bikes below.

In 2023, the Charger3 and Charger3 Mixte will be replaced by the Charger4 and Charger4 Mixte, which use Bosch’s newest system, The Smart System. The power output and ride quality are the same. The biggest difference is larger maximum battery capacity of the Smart System, 750Wh vs 625Wh.

I’m going to miss a few things about the Charger3. I’ll miss the smaller battery. I appreciate the additional range of the 750Wh battery on the Charger4, but it is considerably larger and heavier (19″ vs 16.4″, 9.5 lbs vs 7.7 lbs). I find it awkward to remove, install, and carry. For most of my riding, I’m fine with the 30-50 mile range that the 625Wh offers, and I appreciate the weight savings. (Yes, you can feel it.) If I need more range, I carry a second battery on the rear rack.

I’ll also miss the fun and gorgeous colors. Caribbean Matt on the Charger3! Sunrise on the Charger3 Mixte! The color choices for the Charger4 and Charger4 Mixte are a bit drab.

close-up photo of frame and logo on Riese & Müller Charger3 ebike in color Caribbean Matt.
A beautiful blue
Ebike. Riese & Müller Charger3 GT Vario HS in Caribbean Matt color.
Charger3 GT Vario HS in color Caribbean Matt

There are a couple of reasons the Charger3 might be a better choice for you than the Charger4. If you want an HS model (HS = high speed = Class 3 = 28mph max assist), the Charger3 is currently your only option. Production of Charger4 HS models will begin in March of 2023, arriving in Seattle in June. If you want a Charger with a Rohloff hub — and many of our customers do — the Charger3 is your only option until 2024 at the earliest.

All of the Charger3 and Charger3 Mixtes we have left are HS models with the Nyon display. The Nyon is the largest display that Bosch makes, which makes it very easy to read at a glance, day or night. It’s Bosch’s only display with GPS and maps, which we love for touring.

Nyon ebike display from Bosch, showing a map and GPS location.
The Nyon display is great for touring. GPS and maps on board.
Bosch Nyon eBike display, showing rider's power input, cadence, and eShift gear.
Large and easy to read, day or night.

Even if you don’t plan on riding at high-speed, the HS version is still a great choice because of the massively upgraded headlight (with high beam switch), brake lights, and horn that are standard on all HS models.

Ebike handlebars and headlight. Headlight is Supernova M99 Mini.
The M99 Mini makes night-riding easy.

We have two drivetrains available, Enviolo and Rohloff. Both are low-maintenance, internally-geared hubs. Both are paired with the Gates Carbon belt. (R&M calls the Enviolo + Gates combo “Vario”.) Get the Rohloff if you are a high-mileage rider (more than 5000 miles a year), if you regularly want to climb steep grades with loaded bags (upwards of 15%), or if you want to cruise most of the time at +25mph. Get the Enviolo if you’re more of an easygoing rider who will occasionally ride over 20mph, or if you don’t like the experience of shifting a bike. Compared to the typical chain and derailleur drivetrain, the Enviolo is so smooth and easy! It is a great mix of laid-back and sporty.

Here’s the list of available bikes. We’ll be updating this list as we sell them.

  • Charger3 GT Rohloff HS, storm blue matt, available in 49cm and 53cm. $9300 $8500
  • Charger3 GT Rohloff HS, caribbean matt, available in 49cm. $9300 $8500
  • Charger3 GT Vario HS, storm blue matt, available in 49cm and 53cm. $7500 $7000
  • Charger3 GT Vario HS, caribbean matt, available in 49cm and 53cm. $7500 $7000
  • Charger3 Mixte GT Rohloff HS, sunset, 46cm. $9300 $8500
  • Charger3 Mixte GT Vario HS, pearl white, 53cm. $7500 $7000 SOLD

Riese & Müller Delite

Riese & Müller Delite GT Rohloff HS ebike, parked next to the Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle on a fall day.
Make it easy to ride to work year round.

This bike is amazing. It’s the perfect high-speed, cross-town, all-weather commuter. And it makes a damn good touring bike. I feel like this bike lives in the shadow of the Superdelite, its DualBattery sibling, and that’s a shame. There is something special about this lighter and more agile sibling. We have a couple of these left in a spec that’s no longer available — GT with the Fox suspension upgrade. We are offering an $800 discount on these bikes. See below for full specs and pricing.

In 2023, the only way to get the Fox upgrade is to get the off-road GX package, which gets you knobby tires, suspension with more travel, and a dropper post. I’ve logged hundreds of miles on both the GT and GX, and I prefer the GT version of this bike for most of my riding. The stand-over height is about an inch lower, which is important to me at 5’7″ with a 30″ inseam. (The lowest stand-over height on a Delite GT is 31.3″) I don’t do any technical trail riding, so I can do without the complexity and additional failure point of a dropper post. And I can just buy a set of knobby tires if I’m riding more dirt. I’ve ridden the GT Fox version of this bike on washboard dirt roads and mellow singletrack, and it ripped.

Rider on a Riese & Müller Delite GT Rohloff HS ebike. Beautiful yellow leaves. A fall day on Reiter Rd near Index, WA.
A beautiful fall day, touring on the Delite.

Because we think of this bike as a high-mileage cross-towner, we always spec it as a Rohloff HS bike. It’s the perfect build. Here’s the list of available bikes. We’ll be updating this list as we sell them.

  • Delite GT Rohloff HS, urban grey matt, Nyon and Fox upgrades, available in 51cm and 56cm. $11200 $10400

Benno Boost

Benno Boost utility ebike parked on yellow leaves.
Boost Speed Step-Thru. This bike rips.

Simple, rugged, and great looking — the Boost is our favorite utility bike. We need to thin out our stock on certain colors and configurations. Prices are good until these are gone. These are all Class 3 bikes. Sport models have a max output torque of 65Nm. Speed models max out at 85Nm. Sport models have a 400Wh battery. Speed models have a 500Wh battery and can be retrofitted with Bosch DualBattery for a total of 1000Wh. Our recommendation is to get the Sport if you are using this as a round-town utility bike or if you want to haul one kid. Get the Speed if you want to ride fast all the time, if you want to do long distance loaded touring, or if you’re hauling two kids.

  • Boost Speed, Standard Frame, colors anthracite grey and neon orange. $5500 $5200
  • Boost Sport, Standard Frame, colors wasabi and anthracite, $4800 $4500
  • Boost Sport, Low-Step Frame, colors bone grey and machine blue, $4800 $4500
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