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Tyler Gillies

2022 Riese & Müller Ebikes At Dandelion Bikes

There are 17 models in the R&M lineup this year. How do you choose? This video will help you find the perfect R&M for the type of riding that you want to do.

Riese and Muller 2022 Lineup - Dandelion Bikes Video

Riese & Müller is the most special ebike brand we carry. These are rugged, dependable machines built for daily transportation, with next-level safety and comfort features. The absolute best choice for commuting and long-distance touring.

Nothing beats a test ride! Dandelion is a Riese & Müller Experience Store. We have all of the models discussed in this video available for test rides, and we’ll have plenty of bikes in stock throughout the summer and fall of 2022. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments, or send us an email at info@dandelion.bike.

This video will cover:

  • 0:00 Why Choose a Riese & Müller?
  • 0:36 Performance and Safety Features
  • 1:28 Low Maintenance Drivetrains
  • 2:51 Sizing
  • 3:23 Control Technology Bikes
  • 3:54 Control Technology Pro and Cons
  • 4:47 The Delite Family
  • 5:35 The Homage
  • 6:09 The Load Family
  • 7:19 Hardtails
  • 7:36 The Charger Family
  • 9:09 The Nevo
  • 9:33 The Roadster Family
  • 10:15 Visit Us And Test Ride
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Due to a shortage of staff and available repair parts, we are only offering service for bikes purchased at Dandelion with the exception of Riese & Müller for which we offer service regardless of origin